My photography

My interest and focus is landscape. I like nature, and my landscape photographing leads me into the nature. I experience the beauty, I appreciate what I see and feel, and I'm trying to express it through my camera.

I do other photographing also, mostely birds & animals, but as well Street Photographing.

Since 2015 I live in Algarve, Portugal. Therefore most of my phographing is from Portugal, but also a lot of photographing in the wonderful Andalucia in Spain.



Birds & Animals

Moon project

Street Photo




About me

My name is Ralph Torgardh. I'm from Sweden, and I was retired 2013.

2015 my wife and I moved to Algarve in Portugal. 

My photographing period is not that long. I started in 2012 photographing birds. Soon I realized that landscape became my biggest interest, even if I'm still photograph birds.

Today my base for photographing is Portugal, but I spend a lot of time in Andalucia in Spain. I have also been travelling with my camera in Sweden, Norway, Scotland, India, USA and Australia.


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