Between 24th of Februari and 21st of April 2022, I will have my third exhibition at Escola De Artes in Lagoa, Portugal. Since many of you will not have the possiblity to visit the exhibition, I present the exhibition below, wall by wall. 

I hope you'll enjoy my images, and if you are interested to buy anyone, please contact me on ralph@torgardh.se

Below you find an article about me and my exhibition, published in Portugal residence. This as the biggest english spoken newspaper in Portugal.  

Photo by Agneta Torgardh

‘Light of the Senses’, a photography exhibition by Ralph Torgardh, will be unveiled on February 24, at 4pm, at the Manuela Vale Gallery of Lagoa’s Mestre Fernando Rodrigues Art School where it will remain on display until April 21.

“Light is very important when photographing, if not the most important (aspect),” says the Swedish photographer, who retired eight years ago and has been living in Portugal with his wife Agneta for six years.

“When you catch the right light, it gives you a feeling, touches your senses. In this exhibition, I’ve chosen to show you the theme in black and white, with the special light. The pictures are relatively dark, perhaps you are not sure what you see, but with the light in the picture, it might open your senses. You decide what you see. It is the ‘light of the senses’,” Torgardh adds.

The exhibition features everything from photos of Lisbon, London, and birdlife, as well as the photographer’s first foray into macro photography.

Ralph Torgardh will also be presenting landscape photography – which he describes as being among his biggest interests – from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

“I’m very grateful to Escola de Artes for letting me have this exhibition,” says Torgardh, adding that this will be his third exhibition at the school.

“I hope my photos will attract you, giving you a feeling of what I felt photographing them,” he adds.

The exhibition will be open between 9.30am and 12.30pm and 2.30pm and 5pm, from Monday to Friday. Admission is free.

Exhibition at Escola De Artes 2022, Theme: Light of the senses

Each part below represent a wall in the exhibition. Click on the images to enlarge.

Wall number 1, Lisbon

Lisbon, the fantastic and charming city. The photos, which I have focused on graffities, are from central part of Lisbon, in the areas Baixa, Barrio, Alto and Alfama.

There are so many graffities, some really good, but a lot you can just be without. However the good ones are art, and many of them contributes to give an identity to this city.

Every time I leave Lisbon, I hope to get back soon.

Wall number 2, Birds

10-12 years ago, I realized that my knowledge of birds was very low. I decided to do something about it. I started to identify birds around our cottage, but it was not easy, either they flew quickly away from me, or sitting still in a top of a tree. I bought a camera, to photograph them, and then I could identify the different species more easily. My interest of photographing had just started as well.

The photos of birds at this exhibition are pictures representing my development of photographing birds over the years. I'm happy when I managed to get them into their surrounding environment.

It's a combination of bird and landscape photographing.

Wall number 3, Isle of Skye

To be on Isle of Skye with my camera is like a dream. Where ever you are on this island, there is a fantastic motive for a landscape photographer. Weather change rapidly, and so does the motive even though you are standing still on the same spot. The light comes and goes very quick.

For some motive, you have a 1-2 hours walk, but finally being there, you get your reward.

I've been to Isle of Skye two times, but it's not enough.

Wall number 4, Macro

Macro is the small world, which I very often just passed. This is a new way of photography for me, but it has already fascinated me.

With the macro lens you get a close-up photography, and suddenly you discover details that you where not aware of.

With a shallow depth of field, you get focus on the main objective, and the background disappear in some nice blurry colors.

Another positive effect is that you could capture amazing images, just being in your own backyard.

Wall number 5, Light of the senses

Light of the senses. The following photos represent the theme of the exhibition. It's an experiment or perhaps start of a project, to create a photo which hopefully could give you a special feeling when looking at it. Having them in black and white, and also quite dark, I would like to create a mystery and perhaps a bit frighten feeling. If you take time to look into the picture you'll also be aware of the light. The light of hope.

Wall number 6, Street photo

Street photo is actually, a photo from the street. It's easy and simple, you just need to be there in the street with your camera. You have to be very active, observe what's happening around you, and catch it with a photo. You don't need to have a plan or strategy, just be there in front of the people. What can be difficult, is to get close to the people, without there notice or permission. After taking the photo, some can get angry, but the majority is happy, or was not even aware of you taking the photo. I have been street phographing now and then since 2014. In London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Gothenburg; Stockholm and Lisbon. At this exhibition most of the photographs are from Portugal, except two from London. 

Exhibition at Escola De Artes March 2019, Theme: My landscape

Exhibition at Escola De Artes October and November 2020, Theme: The faces

of Nature

All images from the first and second exhibition, are presented under each category on my homepage.