I have had two exhibitions in the gallery Escola De Artes in Lagoa, Algarve Portugal. 2019 in March and in October/November in 2020. It is exciting to present my pictures, and especially when the respons from a lot of visitors has been so well.

I had 45 - 50 pictures on each exhibition, mostly from Algarve and Andalucia, but as well from Sweden and Scotland. Below you will see some of them, but each of them are presented on my homepage under landscape per country, and some under Moon project respecively under Trees. 

From 4th of March 2022 to 21st of April, I'll will have my third exhibition, at Escola De Artes in Lagoa.

Exhibition at Escola De Artes March 2019, Theme: My landscape

Exhibition at Escola De Artes October and November 2020, Theme: The faces of Nature